About Chantale

Based in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada, Chantale Fontaine has turned her passion for animals and their well-being into a career as a business owner, human/canine relationship coach and now as an action based dog photographer. Chantale is the founder and owner of Pathfinder Pet Care Co. As an expert in canine pack management, she coaches inexperienced dog owners leadership techniques and dog psychology to help them become empowered to overcome challenges and experience more joy with their canine companions.

Chantale started taking pictures as a way to express her inner creativity. She was amazed by the positive feedback and support she received for her photographic work. Her shooting style is hands-on and she doesn't use any fancy photography equipment. It's her rapport with the dogs that gets her so many amazing photographic moments. All the pictures you see in Chantale's portfolio haven't been Photoshopped (with the exception of camera filters) and were shot with a cell phone camera.

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About Chantale